About Us


We are the First and the leading company bring the Self-balancing technology devices to Australia. We always believe that the Xwheel™ a.k.a. Elctric Unicycles is the ultimate solution to intergrate with public transportations in terms to commute and even take place of less driving. 

The founders of OneMoreWheels (O.M.W.) have been involved in the field of PMD “Pernonal Mobolity device” especially the Xwheel™ a.k.a. Elctric Unicycles and Segways since 2012. Our selection of devices has been chosen according to our own riding experiences. Our aim is to introduce the most “green and enjoyable” ways of portable transportation to everyday living in Australia. We are passionate about testing the true value of using these devices in different types of OZ terrain. We are here to offer our customers new ways to meet new friends, discover new places from joyful riding, and to build new communities by sharing user lifestyles and experiences. We need your support to bring more and more new tech products to Australia. We are closely working with many of the best suppliers in the world so we can enjoy the most exceptional products right here in Australia. We hope to see that everyone can own this new technology and be able to enjoy it while also benefiting our beautiful environment.