Affiliate Register Page

Dear customers, We are glad to have you here to be part of our community. Once you buy one of our products, you will be automatically registers in our Referral System. We will provide generous rewards for members who recommend us. The details of rule is:

  1. once you become the member, you can login in your account to find your unique URL.you can share your URL or QR Code to everywhere you can post to
  2. people who click your url will be redirected to our website, and he will be assigned under your name.
  3. there are three levels in our system, For example, you recommend BOB, Bob recommend his friend Alice, Alice friends recently bought a segway, price is $1000 dollars. Then system will automatically put 5% of products price into our Referral System. In this case, 5% is 50 dollars,  Alice will get 60% of $50 = 45.Bob will get 30% of this $50 = 15 dollars, And you will get your 10% of $50 = 5 dollars.
  4. Referral rewards will be send to your bank account every month, Do remember to put your bank accont info on your Referral account.
  5. any inquires, please send to [email protected]