Is it difficult learning to ride the self-balancing devices?

Whether it is difficult learning to ride really depends on each individual. With a little practice and patience, most people can learn to ride self-balancing devices in a few days. It is recommended the learning sessions are broken down into 20-minute intervals spread out over a few days. As you gain more confidence and become more experienced, your movements will be more precise and controlled.


Which device would you recommend for beginners?

Beginners may start with the Ninebot Mini Pro which has practically no learning curve, it has two wheels for more stability, it is easy to use and is also great fun.


How fast can the wheels go?

Both the i5s and the Ninebot MiniPro has a maximum speed of 18km/hr.  It is important to keep an appropriate speed so you have enough time to react to unexpected circumstances. Extra caution should be taken when you are riding in public areas or with children in sight.


How do you control the speed of the devices?

When you gently lean forward on the pedals it allows the rider to go forwards. leaning back the wheels will go backwards and lean gently towards the centre will stop the wheel. Once the device has reached its maximum speed, the device will start to beep and the pedals will automatically tilt up to remind the rider to slow down. The rider must slow down immediately as the pedal may be raised to an unsafe angle for riding.


How far can the battery last?

This depends on the weight of the rider, the condition where it is used and the speed that you are riding.

For example,  a 70kg rider, the ideal range at constant speed of 15km/h on a flat terrain is around 20km.

Other factors that can dramatically influence the range include:

1. Terrain: the amount of energy needed to power you up an incline is considerable & can have a large impact on the expected range of the battery.

2. The weight of the rider: each additional 5kg over 100kg reduces the range by 2% than the reference.

3. Speed: the faster you go, the more energy is required to overcome wind resistance.

4. Tire pressure: there is an optimum tire pressure which depends on the weight of the rider.

5. Head Wind: a person standing on a Wheel has a sail-effect if riding against the wind this requires a great deal of energy to push through it.

How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged?

around 3.5 hours from flat-out


How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Ride?

For miniPro: almost instant learning, the best choice for all first timer taking their first step of using a self-balancing device.

For i5s: 3 x 1hr self-learning curve, 1-week mastering can ride safely.

Similar to learning how to ride a bicycle, much depends upon the individual. There are people who can simply jump on & ride away, but this is not everyone. In most cases, basic riding proficiency requires 15-20 minute practice sessions over the course of a couple days. As you become more experienced, you’ll find that your movements will be more precise & controlled.

I’m new to Electric Riding Devices, which model is best for me? 

First of all, I’d liked to emphasise on a new term “portable self-balancing mobile device”. There is a need to bring this up because this is one of the most important reasons for us to be in this business. There are quite a few  “electric motorised vehicles” which we can see on the market lately and they have surely become quite a popular option of been an “alternative” transportation choice.


Now, what is best for you from our careful selection?

Now, what is best for you from our careful selection? If you have never come across to any “self-balancing device” aka “ hoverboard ”, we strongly recommend you our best entry item – The Segway miniPRO. But just bear in mind, this sweet little ride is way beyond the toy hoverboard, the only similarity between them is your imagination. Yes, they both have two sets of wheels and that’s it! All you need to do is to step onto it and GO! The miniPRO will take you almost anywhere which the hoverboard cannot do. The most convincing fact of its ability is to go right up to a hill which you used to HATE walking up to but you just have to. Now just ride and tell. Try collecting as many as “oh wow” a day and share the figure with us. Sometimes they don’t say it but just so you know how much they want “ just what you are having”.

Is it hard to learn how to ride one of these devices? Is there one that I can buy and start using it right away?

Is it hard to learn how to ride a bicycle? I guess for most of us if we can still remember that time or you just happened to just teach your kids about it. We all know it does take some steep curve of learning. But the thing about this specific type of device if there are more than “one wheel” it is a lot easy to learn or I can almost say give yourself 1 minute just hop on and GO! Our Segway miniPRO is it. So be ready to have a big smile on your face when you just happen to hop on and go.

When it comes to “one wheel or monowheel” devices, give yourself more patience and time to go through its steep learning curve. We are trying our best to offer training lessons to our customers if necessary. There are video clips of simple tutorials online that you can watch and learn or we will post some links for those who are physically too far from us.

I bought a miniPRO from you and now I’m ready for something a bit more powerful and fast, should I get the i5s?

Oh yes, sounds like someone is hungry for more huh? Lol. i5s is definitely the next stage of the “self-balancing” adventure. As mentioned before, no matter what it takes just learn it or we will teach you to do so. Be ready to get your soul enlightening again by our technology beating. Try your best by mastering all the required riding skills of the EUC and just let it rock your world. Many of us have the life-changing point of views about ourselves and things we can do and achieve. It’s more than getting a drivers license or taking the first round of tequila. It feels more like how we have always wanted to grow wings and fly when we were kids. Now we know how to FLY (GLIDE)!

What happens after the i5s?

Get to know us better and keep on supporting us and the story will go on. We are working on bringing more and more high tech of this sort to Australia and I hope we can all learn and enjoy all of this together as one big community. There are more to come, trust me.


There are cheaper similar electric wheels online, why shouldn’t I consider those?

First of all, quality is the most important key to buying anything electronically controlled by battery and motor. We only use top of the range products because we care about our reputation and the safety concerns of our users. Secondly, we take care of you from Sydney, Australia not from other parts of the world, as we all know long-distance relations are never easy to maintain and it is very very very costly, the worst case is you might waste a lot of time, money, and a broken heart in return. Third of all, we sell Australia approved products and not those that have limited functions and foreign specs which are considered improper to us. For the above reasons, please understand we are not priced matchable to those “hit and run” sellers. We are here to supply the best products with care. We are here to help you to enjoy and apply the “Future Tech” today with us. For more enquiries please write to us at [email protected] we will reply to you with heart ASAP.