EUC Bodyguard for KS16X in stock now

EUC Bodyguard for KS16X in stock now


Tailored for the King Song 16X wheels, this EUC Bodyguard maintains the solid lines and features of your wheel without compromise;
  • Easy fitting and removal whenever required
  • Quick fastening for simplicity and security
  • Cut-outs for the charging port, power button, light sensor and front/rear lights
  • Designed for visibility of LED lights
  • Included subwoofer cut-outs for optimum sound reproduction

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The first premium electric unicycle protective cover, the EUC Bodyguard is tailored to fit your EUC like a glove - retaining the awesome look of your wheel but adding a significant layer of protection to maintain the value of your prized electric unicycle!

Manufactured from reinforced neoprene, then flatlock-stitched and bound for maximum strength the EUC Bodyguard is the only product available that will protect your wheel from both scratches and impacts (within reason).

Regardless of how long you have been riding, sooner or later every rider will fall. And whether your wheel is "completely pristine" or "extremely well-loved" this is the best way to protect your investment from as much damage as possible.

There are a few things to note about this cover though;
  • The topmost LED (front and back) does not have a hole cut for it. This is to maintain the integral strength of the EUC Bodyguard and ensure it provides maximum protection.
  • The fastening at the bottom of the EUC Bodyguard also obscures the 6 bottom-most (ground-effect) LED. While not ideal, it needs to be secured somehow and this is the only way.


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