IPS i5 Electric Unicycle

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IPS i5 Electric Unicycle

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IPS i5 is a uniquely designed electric unicycle ( EUC ), which has an incredibly slim body and super lightweight to its category. It is a self-balanced single wheel device that can deliver miles and miles of sensational riding experience. The i5 offers its user a brand new way of semi-city commute like no others.

  • HandsFree riding position
  • 245Wh 17km/h
  • 25km per charge (70kg rider)
  • most compact and sturdy 14” EUC
  • the latest 20700 Panasonic cells
  • fast charging time from 0-80% in 1.5hr
  • featherweight of 7.5kg ONLY
  • max load to 100kg
  • slim yet strong 6cm body
  • perfect for everyday city commute
  • redesigned magnesium alloy body and the electric motor as one module
  • mobile APP available for device monitoring and setting
  • APP switchable LED head and tail light for safe night riding illumination
  • over speed warning sound and anti-speeding mechanism pre-installed on all AUZ stock


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