KS16S summer white AUZ edition in stock

KS16S summer white AUZ edition in stock

$2,320.00 $1,900.00

From 10th-Feb 2020. Every purchase of “summer white” edition KS16S comes with a ” Black” bodyguard from roll.nz for FREE! So stop thinking about picking from black or white, You Get Both at the same time!🥰😍

7 in stock (can be backordered)

  • 840WH battery pack
  • 45km+ real life range (tested by 80kg rider)
  • Top speed 35km/h
  • net weight 16kg
  • retractable trolley handle with the latest lifting sensor (10/10 working)
  • three level speed warning alarm (on/off from APP)
  • can be ridden up to 30° incline
  • MAX load 120kg
  • 1200W motor
  • 2x Bluetooth speaker for music lovers
  • Two body colours to pick from (gloss black/gloss white,). Ask colour availability before purchase.

1 review for KS16S summer white AUZ edition in stock

This EUC is a wonderful product. I’ve been riding on it for over 2 weeks now and It really shows how unbalanced I am.
After 2 weeks I’ve already mastered the basics of moving forward and turning.
Continuing my journey on mastering other tricks that the EUC can perform such as backwards, holding on the spot, etc…

I strongly recommend this product for beginner level entry.

You are almost there, Sam. I hope you are enjoying the process of earning how to ride the EUC from scratch. There is no other way around but keep on practising.
I believe the 16S will serve you very well. Cheers!

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