KS18XL Electric Unicycle in stock

KS18XL Electric Unicycle in stock


  • 1554WH battery pack
  • 100km+ real life range (tested by 80kg rider)
  • Top speed 40km/h can be unlocked from APP to 50km/h after exceeding 200km total range
  • net weight 25kg
  • retractable trolley handle with the latest lifting sensor (10/10 working)
  • three level speed warning alarm (on/off from APP)
  • can be ridden up to 30° incline
  • double charging port / one standard charger 1.5A 84V (ask purchase link for extra charger)
  • MAX load 120kg
  • 2000W motor
  • not just L but XL size foot pedal included
  • 4x Bluetooth speaker for linking google map voice guide and music from your phone

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2 reviews for KS18XL Electric Unicycle in stock

Long range beast ! Incredible wheel, very powerful and yet very confortable, it eats kilometers without you even noticing!
Onemorewheels is the best to buy your Euni from, best customer service and best staff ! 5 stars all the way.

I’ve had this euni for a little while now, and gotta say, this thing is like a cadillac, so comfy to ride, very safe once you learn, has almost replaced my car, i get excited to go to the shops cause it means i can ride 🙂 has heaps of power and speed, always a pleasure and you don’t notice the kilometres rolling on by, One more wheels are awesome to deal with, great customer service, always very helpful, their knowledge is second to none. 5 stars

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