GotWay Nikola Plus Electric Unicycle

GotWay Nikola Plus Electric Unicycle


  • Again, this unit is NOT recommended for beginners due to its ” hardcore” performance setting
  • The most powerful 16in/17in EUC available
  • one of the most handsome/beautiful ambiences especially riding it at the low light environment
  • 17in x 3 fat tyre
  • easy to access trolley handle
  • the glossy and translucent body shell ( requires a bit more attention and care)
  • Top speed 55km+ ( do your research on youtube and Facebook)
  • 21700 LG MT50T battery cells
  • 100v is NOT 84v 😅 (it’s a lot more aggressive)
  • sorry there is no 84v and 900wh but 100v and 1800wh from/for us
  • still looking for 84v models, please find the link to a KS18XL or KS16X
  • one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker available
  • ” anti-spin” button integrated into the middle of the very fat handle
  • it starts to fly after breaching 20km/h ( make sure you work on the stopping technique that’s never been taught from school)
  • get a full set of good quality safety gears before you buy this!

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Nikola  100V Electric Unicycle Specification

Model No. Nikola
Motor 1900W
Top speed 56km/h
Battery Capacity 1800Wh  LG M50T  21700
Autonomy 120km (70kg rider at 20km/h)
Charger 100V / 3A
1800Wh Charge Time 6h
Tire 3" tire
Wheel diameter 432mm
Footrest height 145mm
Net Weight 26kg 
Gross Weight 30kg
Safe cruising speed 20km/h
Max climbing 20°in real test(100kg rider)
Max load 100kg
Dimension L*W*H=490mm*400mm*590mm
Dimension(footrests folded) L*W*H=490mm*200mm*590mm
Over speed alarm 30km/h ,2beeps/sec;
Incline alarm Automatically shut off to protect the rider when the wheel is leaning at 35° from forward to backward direction,45° from left and right direction
Speed alarm First-class alarm: 2 beeps/sec
Second class alarm: 3beeps/sec
80% motor output, 5 beeps/sec
Other alarm low voltage, <7.2km/h, 2 beeps/sec
low voltage,>7.2km/h,2beeps/2 sec
low voltage, >14.4km/h, 3 beeps/2 sec
hall malfunction, 2 beeps per 0.5 sec
PCB overheat, 2 beeps(short)
extreme low voltage, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
fall down, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
overvoltage, 3 beeps/2sec
Mainboard overheat alarm Mainboard temperature>66℃, urgent beeps from the wheel, footrests start lifting backward.
Charging port 20A short circuit protection
Headlight 500~1200 lumen
Lift stop The motor will stop when you hold the handle lfit the wheel
Bluetooth Speaker Use mobile phone connect the Bluetooth play music
Package includes One charger, one GotWay Nikola unit
Colour Black


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